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Video: Pooch Plunge 2007 – Summer Splash Down

Dogs take over the pool at the 4th annual Pooch Plunge held in Fort Collins, Colorado. City Park pool is open for the summer season and then closes for the rest of the year. Before the pool is drained our four-legged friends get to enjoy the pool. This August 19th – 20th, from 4pm to 5:30pm you could bring your pooch to the pool. $5 pre-sale, and $7 at the gate.

Here is a video I made of the event:

For the Pooch Plunge the staff lowers the concentration of some of the chemicals for the dog’s health and they use a special filter they invented to help strain the water of hair. The special filters use swamp cooler material.

Click here to see some still pictures I took of the event: Photos

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Watch the following short, special effect laden video to learn more about Ron Paul:

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  1. This video, or at least parts of it, will be shown on CNN’s Headline News show “News to Me”. I was told it will close the show that is being made the weekend of August the 22nd. The show runs twice on Saturdays and twice on Sundays.

    “News to Me” twice on Saturday the 22nd and twice on Sunday the 23rd. On both days the first show is 10:30 am MST, and the second show is at 3:30pm MST. (MST = Mountain Standard Time)

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  3. This was an awesome video. thank you for posting.

  4. judy

    Thank you so much for this precious video. A friend of mine sent it to me tonight and I enjoyed it so much. I have a little Maltese – wonder ifhe would like the water. The dogs seem like they have never had as much fun as they had today !

  5. I love your videos…keep them coming please..thanks so much..

  6. Hi – Just wanted to let you know I'm posting your 2007 Pooch Plunge video on the Animal House Rescue events page. Thanks!

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