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Pooch Plunge 2007

I love dogs and I enjoyed making the video above. It was a FUN event and I hope more people around the world start having similar events.

Pooch Plunge Video shown on CNN’s “News to Me”

Shed some light on the Fed: Support HR 1207

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  1. WD Lockaby

    Great video and a great idea! To you folks who are concerned about the sanitation issue, I suggest you stay out of public pools altogether; there is no telling what kinds of diseases anonymous humans are carrying in places like that.

    Mikey, Gayle has you pegged pretty well, dude. You obviously find it less painful to perceive what you consider shortcomings in other folks than to investigate and remedy your own. Until you learn that other people are not your problem you will continue to be a hopeless, whining loser.

    And here’s to Ron Paul, perhaps the last hope for the restoration and survival of our Constitutional Republic. The Globalists Three top candidates are traitors to this country and, like Bush, are only foot soldiers for the New World Order / World Government demon.

  2. kitten252

    Exactly why you should avoid public pools! They are safe for neither man nor beast! I have my own pool and allow my dogs to swim in it because I know they’re healthy and all vaccinations and other meds are up-to-date. My dogs are also trained not to do their business anywhere near the pool area. Thus prompts the question: Where do you suppose all these doggies relieved themselves?

  3. Carol

    Fabulous! What fun! What a great idea. And wonderful to see so many having so much fun. Both two- and four-legged creatures.

    I’d rather share a pool with a bunch of anonymous dogs than a bunch of anonymous people! Much cleaner! I can catch a lot of human diseases but not most doggie diseases! Better man’s best friends than man.

    As to candidates: Either of the two “majors” will destroy this country. Our only hope is Ron Paul. Or Chuck Baldwin. Period.

  4. Well, good news for me, thanks!

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